Recreation Ministry at Briarlake

The Recreation Ministry at Briarlake Baptist Church is a great way for you and your children to experience sports in a fun, safe, non-competitive environment.   

Basketball Leagues for Kids (K-5th grades)
Baseball Leagues for Kids (K-6th Grades)
Soccer Leagues for Kids (K-5th Grades)
Summer Camps (Basketball, Tennis, Baseball, Soccer and Golf)
Softball for Adults

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DSC_8366.jpg DSC_8381.JPG DSC_8388.jpg DSC_8405.jpg DSC_8431.jpg DSC_8515.JPG DSC_8540.JPG Briarlake-Baseball-024-small2 (411x617).jpg Briarlake-Baseball-025-small2 (617x411).jpg Briarlake-Baseball-040-small2 (617x411).jpg Briarlake-Baseball-054-small2 (411x617).jpg Briarlake-Baseball-070-small2 (617x411).jpg Briarlake-Baseball-090-small2 (617x411).jpg Briarlake-Baseball-139-small2 (617x411).jpg Briarlake-Baseball-186-small2 (411x617).jpg Briarlake-Baseball-246-small2 (411x617).jpg Briarlake-Baseball-274-small2 (617x411).jpg Briarlake-Baseball-282-small2 (617x411).jpg