basketball at Briarlake

March 2ND Basketball Game Schedule:


9:00am Court A Hawks (blue) VS Jaguars (White)

9:00am Court B Eagles (blue) VS Gators (white)

10:00am Court A Dogs (blue) VS Tigers (white)

10:00am Court B Tar Heels (blue) VS Bears (white)

11:00am Court A Bulls (blue) VS Bobcats (white)


11:00am Court B Bears (blue) VS Tar Heels (white)

Noon  Court A  Bulls (blue) VS Bobcats (white)

Noon  Court B Eagles (blue) VS Jayhawks (white)

1:00pm Court A Dogs (blue) VS Jaguars (white)

1:00pm Court B Bees (blue) VS Grizzlies (white)

2:00pm Court A Sharks (blue) VS Hawks (white)


March 3rd Basketball Game Schedule:


2:00pm Bears (blue) VS Wolverines (white)

3:10pm Bobcats (blue) VS Bulls (white)

4:20pm Dogs (blue) VS Sharks (white)

5:30pm Hawks (blue) VS Jaguars (white)

6:40pm Jayhawks (blue) VS Tar heels (white)

If you have any questions about the 2019 basketball season, email recreation organizer Judson Farmer: