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CHRISTmas Focus!

A December Sermon Series – 2019

Christmas can be the best of times or the worst of times, depending upon how we approach it.

The business, commercialism, gift-buying, pressures to please others, and even loneliness longing for

lost loved ones or love that never quite materialized can burden the soul. On the other hand, if we

focus upon the true meaning of the season, Christmas can be a wondrous time of intimacy with God,

gratitude for others, and an opportunity to grow spiritually. This series will help you to focus upon

CHRIST, who came to us to bring love, hope, and meaning to our lives. Each week, as we explore the

different Bible stories associated with Christmas, we will consider a different aspect of a life focused

upon Jesus Christ.

December 1 // Matthew 1:18-25 // A Predictable Pattern of Living

Main Idea: When we look at the biblical account of Joseph, we see that he was obedient to God and this

the primary characteristic of a Christ-focused life.

December 8 // Matthew 2:1-16 // Opposition and Deliverance

Main Idea: The story of the Magi from the East who came to visit Christ underscore that a life lived with

a focus upon Christ will not be easy, but God will guide and provide.

December 15 // Luke 1:26-42 // Holy Spirit Empowerment

Main Idea: From the assignment God gave Mary to bring His son into the world, we see that God also

gives us His Holy Spirit to help us accomplish His will as we focus upon the Lord Jesus.

December 22 // Luke 2:46-56 // A Clear Sense of Purpose in Life

Main Idea: After Mary was informed by the angel of God’s plan for her life, she was afterward

characterized by a Christ-focus and a clear sense of purpose in life.

December 24 // Luke 2:1-17 // A New Direction in Life

Main Idea: We see from the shepherds leaving their flocks to come and worship the baby Jesus that a

focus upon Christ results in a life lived differently.

December 29 // Luke 2:22-33 // A Blessing to Others

Main Idea: From Simeon’s pronouncement of the baby Jesus being a light to others, we see that a

Christ-focused life will result in a lifestyle of concern for the souls of others.

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