Current Sermon Series

Essential Business Sermon Series Overview

January 3 -February 14, 2021 (7 Weeks)

Main Idea: The COVID experience has caused everyone, and every organization, to reassess priorities. Many things have changed, including a new emphasis upon, and appreciation for, those considered “Essential Workers.” The truth is, that every follower of Jesus is an Essential Worker – we have been called to love, serve, and represent our LORD! 

This important sermon series will consider the importance of each person to the work of God’s Kingdom – it really is an “All Hands-On Effort!” Furthermore, there is no more essential business than that which God has assigned to the local church, and to every believer. The Essential Business Sermon Series will give attention to the things that are most essential to our work for the LORD, and it will help you start the new year in the best way possible – in service to GOD and His Kingdom!

DATE Title Main Text

January 3 Obedience Joshua 5:13-6:1-16

Main Idea: A willingness to trust and follow God’s lead going forward in 2021 is the greatest decision you can make. 

January 10 Worship Isaiah 6:1-10

Main Idea: When you come to worship God rightly, you come with open hearts, open minds, open ears, open eyes, and open hands.

January 17 Sharing Christ Acts 4:1-14

Main Idea: Being available and useful to the LORD in sharing His message with others is our greatest privilege.

January 24 Prayer Acts 4:23-31

Main Idea: There is nothing like a crisis to help you take a leap forward in your prayer life.

January 31 Service John 13:1-17

Main Idea: Serving others is one of the most Christ-like things you can do, and it will cause you to achieve greatness in God’s kingdom.

February 7 Giving 2 Corinthians 9:1-11

Main Idea: The path to great blessing is paved through generous giving for God’s glory.

February 14 Love 1 Corinthians 13:1-13

Main Idea: Genuine love for others is the greatest display of the character of God that you can offer.

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