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Use this week's worship guide as you tune into our online livestream at 11:00am. This worship guide will let you know any announcements and prayer requests for the week as well at the sermon notes for Sunday's livestream service. 

Current Sermon Series

The FALL: A Sermon Series about Relationships, Reality, & Reconciliation

Date Running: September 30 – November 8, 2020 (7 weeks)

Main Idea: This sermon series is a look into the Biblical Doctrine of the Fall but, ultimately, it’s about relationships, reality, and reconciliation! This series is really about the importance of understanding the Fall of Humanity, and what it means for you today! These truths from God’s Word can revolutionize your life, as well as your relationship with God, family, and others!

Date Title Text

September 30 It was GOOD! Genesis 1:1-31

Main Idea: God created everything and declared it to be good! You can trust and serve a God with power of this magnitude.

October 4 We Were GOOD! Genesis 1:31-2:1-25

Main Idea: God created our first-gen human parents in His amazing image, bestowed upon them the gift of relationships, and gave them great freedom!

October 11 A Revolt in Progress Genesis 3:1-13

Main Idea: The origin of all of our woes, as well as the common denominator of universal sin that affects us all, is clearly explained in the Bible. This is critical to our understanding of ourselves, and our relationships with others!

October 18 God at Work Genesis 3:8-24

Main Idea: God works through all things, good and bad, to accomplish his loving and redemptive purposes in our lives.

October 25 Be Godly, be Wise, and be Vigilant! Genesis 4:1-26

Main Idea: We must not be naïve about the ill-effects of the Fall upon our society, and our lives in particular, and we must do our part to ensure that goodness prevails.

November 1 Watch the Company You Keep and the Culture You Absorb Genesis 6:1-22

Main Idea: The company you keep and the culture you absorb will determine your life and eternal destiny.

November 8 Restoration is Coming!                 Matthew 24:27; 30-31; 36-44; Revelation 21:1-8

Main Idea: The Lord has a unalterable master plan of restoration and conquest over all evil, pain, and suffering resulting from the fall.

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