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Use this week's worship guide as you tune into our online livestream at 11:00am. This worship guide will let you know any announcements and prayer requests for the week as well at the sermon notes for Sunday's livestream service. 

Current Sermon Series

TOGETHER Sermon Series

A Series on Being & Doing Church!

The Coronavirus phenomenon has necessitated that we revisit and rethink how local Congregations function as the “Church of Jesus Christ.”  And perhaps never before, has the importance of the Church been more evident. This significant sermon series will lead us to pursue a better understanding of what the Church is, and is not, designed by God to be. This series will lead each of us to understand our calling, both individually and corporately, which is summed up in our purpose statement: “We are here to help people experience meaningful life in Jesus Christ.”   

Date Message Main Text

June 7 The Church is Powerful Matthew 16:13-20

Main Idea: We, who are called and respond to Christ, are the Church, and that calling itself carries extraordinary power and might!  

June 14 The Church is Tested Matthew 16:21-28

Main Idea: It is a sobering truth to see that the Church is not exempt from Jesus’ suffering, yet we are called to trust God and remain faithful.

June 21 The Church is Enlightened Matthew 17:1-13

Main Idea: It is a humbling realization to know that the things of God are revealed to us and we are to be faithful stewards of God’s Word.

June 28 The Church is Wavering Matthew 17:14-20

Main Idea: It is particularly humbling to realize that the Church can be shortsighted with regard to its belief in and application of the power and truth of God.

July 5 The Church trusts God Absolutely Matthew 18:1-5

Main Idea: The Church is to be characterized by absolute faith in God and by loving regard for all people.

July 12 The Church Witnesses Boldly Acts 1:1-11

Main Idea: The Church’s primary task is to witness to the truth and relevance of the Gospel, as well as the absolute authority of God to the ends of the earth.  

July 19 The Church Prays Fervently Acts 4:23-31

Main Idea: The Church is to be characterized by a prayer life that undergirds our relationship with God and empowers our witness to His absolute authority.

July 26 The Church Gives Generously Acts 4:32-37

Main Idea: The Church is to be characterized by a kingdom-generosity that values one another and gives selflessly.

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