Life Groups during Covid

UPDATE: Our Life Groups have leveraged technology to not only stay connected but to reach new people during the pandemic. Some continue to meet digitally, while others have begun meeting in-person or with a hybrid, in-person/digital mix. Click the photo for the latest information showing who is meeting, when, and where. Email  for more information or for a link to a specific Zoom/Microsoft Teams link.

life groups

At Briarlake Church, Life Groups are the key way to grow in your faith alongside others. Life Groups offer the chance to study the Bible, grow lasting friendships and serve others in Jesus’ name. We have two types of Life Groups: groups that have a “service” emphasis and groups that have a “study” emphasis. Those who study or serve together will form a bond of friendship as they live out God’s call on their lives to “go and make disciples.”

If you need help deciding which Life Group to attend, please stop by our Welcome Center, located in C Building, on Sunday morning, or contact Jebo Barnes at (or use the email link to the right).

Study Life Groups

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Service Life Groups

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We believe at Briarlake Church that intentional relationships are key to sustained spiritual growth. That's why Life Groups are an important part of our discipleship strategy. In a Life Group, people study God's word together and discuss the issues and challenges of life. It's also where they pray, care for one another, and are missed if they don't show up.

To find out more about Life Groups, contact the Adult Minstry and Small Group Director Jebo Barnes at (or use the email link above).

What is a Life Group?

It is a group of up to 14 people who meet to study, share, challenge, and encourage one another.

Why Life Groups?

This is a way to connect, learn with and develop friends you can count on for a season or a lifetime.

What do Life Groups do?

Each Life Group is unique, but all worship God, study His Word, pray for one another, and find opportunities to serve and grow.

Which Life Group should I join?

Couple Groups – focus on husbands and wives growing relationally with God, each other, and other couples.

Men’s Groups – where guys engage, challenge, and encourage each other to rise up to be the man, the leader, the father, the husband, that God has called them to be.

Women’s Groups –focus on women's hearts, desires, and motivation on growing a relationship with God, His Word, and His kingdom.

Single Groups – respect, trust and accountability allow a dynamic group of singles to grow together in Christ.

Mixed Groups – where couples and singles with a great diversity of life experiences come together to engage, encourage and discover their unique God-given purpose.

Who can attend a Life Group?

Everybody is invited. Join a group with your spouse, a friend or a neighbor.

What is the commitment when I join a Life Group?

Joining requires a commitment to attend the weekly meetings. Naturally, there are times when conflicts arise. Simply notify the Life Group host and they will work with you.

When and where do Life Groups meet?

Life Groups meet throughout the week in homes at various locations in our neighborhoods. In addition, groups may meet at the church campus.

How do I sign up for a Life Group?

You may join a Life Group by contacting Jebo Barnes at (or use the email link above).

What about children?

Childcare varies by Life Group. If your group meets on Sunday morning, childcare is provided by the Children's Ministry. If your group meets on Wednesday evenings at the church, childcare is available.

What if the Life Group I join doesn’t fit me?

There is no obligation to stay in a Life Group, but we do suggest that you try a group for a couple of weeks before trying another group.