Steve Tillis

Pastor Tillis has served overseas in the British West Indies strengthening local churches in the Cayman Islands that include over 30 different nationalities and training natives throughout the Caribbean for church ministry and pastoral leadership.

In addition, he has traveled to Costa Rica and Panama to preach, distribute Bibles to the lost, and participate in street evangelism. He has traveled multiple times to Romania, where he preached at some of the local churches, ministered in orphanages, and witnessed on the streets. He mentored village pastors to equip them for ministry. On several occasions, he has taken other pastors with him to train them how to lead short-term mission trips with their churches.

He has been happily married to his wife Connie for 15 years. She is passionately involved in church ministry and supports him in all aspects of life. She has served in leadership of Women’s Ministry and planned Bible studies, discipleship groups, ladies’ events, and more. She enjoys building meaningful relationships with others and excels at mentoring. They have two sons, James and Luke, who add joy and laughter to their lives.

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