Nehemiah – An inspirational study on “Brokenness” and rebuilding that which is broken.

June 3-August 26 (13 Weeks)

Series Overview: We all live in a broken world, and some discover the truth that we are all broken too.  Scripture reveals that God is the healer and restorer of that which is broken.  Indeed, followers of Jesus discover over time that our life in this world is increasingly about rebuilding that which is broken.  The rich Old Testament book of Nehemiah take us back in time to a man called of God to rebuild that which was broken; which was no less than the city of God’s own people – Jerusalem.  This study of Nehemiah will give us hope and help in rebuilding our lives and the lives of others; just as God has called us to do.

Date                      Text                                       Title

June 3                   Nehemiah 1                       Keepin’ It Real

Main Idea: In order to find healing for your brokenness, you must seek to be honest with yourself, God, and others.

June 10                 Nehemiah 2                       Seeking Help When You Need It

Main Idea: Growing in Christ requires the help of God and others.  The challenge is reaching out to those who can help and resisting those who hinder.                

June 17                 Nehemiah 3                       Finding God’s Purpose for Your Life is Essential to Rebuilding

Main Idea: Discovering and doing God’s will for your life is the path to rebuilding your brokenness.

June 24                 Nehemiah 4                       Fight the Good Fight and Don’t Give Up!

Main Idea: Following Christ in a dark world that rejected the Savior will not be easy but with your mind made up and God’s help, you will prevail!

July 1                     Nehemiah 5                       Walk justly before your God and you will be blessed!

Main Idea: God will heal a people of their brokenness and bless them abundantly if they commit their ways to Him and deal justly with others.

July 8                     Nehemiah 6                       Standing Tall Among Crooked People

Main Idea: As you walk forward with God, you WILL experience opposition from which the Lord your God will deliver you.

July 15                  Nehemiah 7                       for everything there is a Season…

Main Idea: One of the greatest gifts God offers is His leadership in the timing and development of things in your life.  Trust Him now and He will bring it to pass.


July 22                  Nehemiah 8                      God’s Word Has a Power All its Own

Main Idea: Essential to the rebuilding of your life in Christ, and overcoming your brokenness, is a firm commitment and regular exposure to the Word of God.           

July 29                  Nehemiah 9                       Part of Healing is Telling

Main Idea: When God does an authentic work of healing brokenness in your life, you will have a natural bent towards giving Him the glory!

August 5               Nehemiah 10                    

August 12

August 19

August 26