A Series on God’s Amazing Propensity to Show Up and Make a Difference

(December 3-31, 2017)

Date                      Main Text                                            Title

Dec. 3                    Matthew 1:18-25                             God’s Timing

Main Idea: God’s greatest interventions often occur in times of stress and difficulty.


Dec. 10                 Matthew 2:1-12                                God’s Agents  of Intervention

Main Idea: God always prepares and calls people to be an instrumental part of His interventions.


Dec. 17                 Luke 1:26-38                                       God’s Intervention as Prelude

Main Idea: God’s interventions always lead to challenging follow up assignments.       


Dec. 24                 Luke 2:1-20                                         God Intervenes to Bless Others

Main Idea: God’s interventions are for the purpose of blessing others; particularly for those who believe and receive His grace.


Dec. 31                 Philippians 2:1-13                            God Intervened: What Now?


 Main Idea: God’s intervention in Jesus Christ makes possible our obedience to Jesus Christ.


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