A Series from John’s Gospel

Designed to Boost Your Love Relationship with Jesus Christ

Date                            Text                                                 Title

September 24         John 14:15-21                              How’s Your Love Life?

Main Idea: The most compelling question of all time is asked by Jesus of His followers, “Do you love me?” This message will challenge you to action, and specifically the action of obedience, to match your love for the Lord.

October 1                  John 21:15-22                              Love Has No Limits

Main Idea: Unlimited love for Jesus will result in you pursuing His particular calling and will for your life with complete abandon; and with great reward.

October 8                 John 14: 1-11                 Faith comes before Love and Obedience

Main Idea: Authentic faith in Jesus as the one true God in human form leads to a life of love and obedience towards Him.

October 15               John 14:22-24                               Some Do and Some Don’t           

Main Idea: The bottom line authenticating one’s relationship with Jesus Christ is obedience to His teaching.       

October 22              John 14:25-27                                Jesus Gives us His Spirit and His Peace

Main Idea: When you love Jesus, you have an inexhaustible resource of power and peace from the Holy Spirit within you.

October 29          John 14:28-31                                    Trust Jesus When Times are Tough

Main Idea: Jesus told us to trust and obey Him because He is preeminent even when the circumstances around us are unfavorable.


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