Sermon Series:


A Sermon Series from JUDE, a Book announcing Judgment, and PHILEMON, a Book offering Grace.

June 4 – July 30, 2017 (9 Weeks)

Main Idea: It is easy to observe that we live in a polarized world where we can easily be pulled to extremes.   All grace and no judgement leads to a place of chaos without responsibility, justice, or accountability.  All judgement with no grace arrives at a cold empty existence devoid of hope, reconciliation, or new beginnings.  Indeed, both judgement and grace are integral to our lives, our relationships, a civil society, and the list could go on.   This summer study through two of the shortest books in the Bible will help us to find the balance that God reveals to us in His word regarding judgement and grace.  Though Jude and Philemon are only one chapter each, a proper understanding of these writings will help us to navigate, as followers of Jesus, an increasingly polarized world with little tolerance for God’s judgement and even less evidence of God’s grace.

Date                      Text                                       Title

June 4                   Jude 1:1-4                           Contending for the Faith

Main Idea: Even as we experience the joy of our salvation, we should not be totally free from a sense of duty to defend the truth of our faith when there are those Scripture warns about who will attempt to distort and pervert the truth of our faith.

June 11                 Jude 1:5-7                           Hell is for Real

Main Idea: Since Scripture and history are replete with examples of the judgement of God against wickedness, followers of Christ should not be adverse too being reminded, or afraid to remind others themselves, that there is a coming judgement against all ungodliness and unrighteousness in the world.

June 18                 Jude 1:8-13                         Don’t Be Like Them

Main Idea: We need to be discerning about the influences upon our lives even as we consider what type of influence we, ourselves, exert upon others. (Father’s Day)

June 25                 Jude 1:12-19                       Deceptive Days are Here Again

Main Idea: Since Scripture warns us of false Christs and corrupt teachers, we would do well to pay attention to the characteristics of these wolves in sheep’s clothing which are outlined with clarity in the book of Jude.

July 2                     Jude 1:20-25                       Listen Carefully

Main Idea: By listening carefully to God’s Word, we can maintain our balance and spiritual integrity in a world that will naturally pull us to extremes.

July 9                     Philemon 1:1-7                  Defining Our Common Bond

Main Idea: While we are to show love and grace to all people, even to those with whom we disagree, Scripture seems to place great importance on defining and defending the common bond and the beliefs that make Christian fellowship so especially sweet.

July 16                   Philemon 1:7-14               Being a Person of Influence

Main Idea: Christian influence is most effective when it is undergirded by grace, kindness, truth, and boldness to speak the truth in the most respectful of terms.

July 23                   Philemon 1:15-17             What Unites Us is What Drives Us

Main Idea: It is clear in Paul’s letter to Philemon, that the salvation of Onesimus, and the Christian beliefs that Paul and Philemon shared were the highest priority and the basis of understanding between these three men of differing backgrounds and social positions.

July 30                   Philemon 1:17-25             Bold & Kind    

Main Idea: The book of Philemon is an extraordinary lesson in Christian kindness, diplomacy, humility, and boldness to speak and do what is right.



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