Speaker: Karen Saada
Karen has a heart for women to find their full potential in God’s will for their lives. She
understands what it means to truly wait on God to move in your life, and to trust God beyond
what you can see right in front of you. Her own experience of 19 years of marriage to a Muslim
man (Tass) has given her an understanding of the heart of women living in the Middle East.
Once, a High School English teacher to “at risk” high school students, she has a unique
perspective on family issues and has brought her message of God’s reconciliation in her own
life to congregations, conferences and women’s groups all over the world.

She co-founded, Seeds of Hope, a humanitarian organization serving in Gaza, Jericho and
Jerusalem. Karen divides her time living in Jericho, West Bank and the US. She travels with her
husband of 43 years, Tass Saada, author of Once an Arafat Man and The Mind of Terror, have
two children, a son, Ben and a daughter, Farah, and four granddaughters.