At Briarlake Church, we have two types of Life Groups: groups that have a "study" emphasis and groups that have a "service" emphasis. Either way, you will connect with others and grow in your faith. Below is a listing of our Study Life Groups. If you need help deciding which Life Group would best fit your needs, please visit the Welcome Center, located in C Building on Sunday morning to discuss your options. For more information, email Jebo at

Group Name/Description Leaders Details Location
Co-ed: Mid 20's - Mid 30's   Mark & Susie Parker  Sunday at 6:00pm  Email for info
 Couples: Sr. Adults  Ralph & Nancy Pressley  Tuesday at 7:00pm  Email for info
 Co-ed: 40's to 60's  Tim & Cindy Underwood  Tuesday at 7:00pm  Email for info
 Co-ed: Sr. Adults  Wyman & Kay Gunter  Sunday at 6:00pm  Email for info
 Couples: Sr. Adults  Joann Brittingham & Anne Denton-Dowdy  Monday at 7:00pm  Email for info
 Co-ed: 30's to 50's  Jay and Karen Kress  Wednesday at 6:15pm  Email for info
 Women: Mid 20's - 50's  Valerie Lyles  Monday at 7:00pm  Email for info
 Co-ed: 30's to 50's   David Sanders  Thursday at 7:00pm  Email for info
 Couples: 40's to 50's  Jim Hersh  Tuesday at 7:00pm  Email for info
Women  Peggy Fiskum Monday at 7:00pm Email for info
Women  Patti Breazeale Wednesday at 9:30am Email for info
Men Mark Parker Friday at 7:00am Email for info
Truth Seekers/Young Couples Jon David Huffman & Matt Stancil Sunday at 9:30am B-113
Faith Walkers/Couples in mid 30's - 40's Russell Garner, Jeff Gregory & Reggie Pate Sunday at 9:30am E-172
Faith Seekers/Co-ed, 30's - mid 50's Rob Young Sunday at 9:30am B-112
New Beginnings/Couples in late 30's - 50's Ashwin Lewis & Justin Waterman Sunday at 9:30am E-179
New Life/Co-ed, mixed ages Maria Manahan & Bill Dominy Sunday at 9:30am B-111
Gifts/ Co-ed; 30-60 Patti Breazeale Sunday at 11:00am E-176
New Creations/Couples 30-40 with children Kevin Clark Sunday at 11:00am E-171
Open Door/Couples between 45-65 Jeff Roesch, Ellen Chapman, John Diebold Sunday at 11:00am E-175
Truth Seekers/Co-ed 50-60's Nancy Terry Sunday at 11:00am E-178
Disciples for Christ/Co-ed, 60+ Jim Little & Mark Riggins Sunday at 11:00am E-177
Seekers/Co-ed Larry Abbey & Jim Porterfield Sunday at 11:00am B-218
Prism/Women Sylvia Crook & Anne Denton-Dowdy Sunday at 11:00am E-170
Women of Faith/Women Freddie Ford Sunday at 11:00am E-275
Prayer Partners/Women Edwina Spivey Sunday at 11:00am E-274
Business/Professional Women Sylvia Brown & Barbara Nowell Sunday at 11:00am B-216
Joy/Women Maxine Chesser & Elgy Zieburtz Sunday at 11:00am C-272
Joy II/Women Judy White Sunday at 11:00am E-283
Agape/Women Barbara Bennett Sunday at 11:00am E-279
Winsome/Women Sylvia Brown & Diane Lewis Sunday at 11:00am E-277
Progressive Men's Bible Class/Men

Bob Dowdy, Bill McClure, Bill Reynolds,

Bill Rhineheart & Larry Sullivan

Sunday at 11:00am E-280
Volunteer Men's Class/Men L.D. Barer, Roger Gilleland & Bill McClure Sunday at 11:00am B-110
Encouragers/Men Norman Smith Sunday at 11:00am B-217
Businessmen's Bible Class/Men Fred Barksdale, Tom Booth & Steve Frady Sunday at 11:00am A-108
Special Needs I/Special Needs Adults Helen Lenkerd Sunday at 11:00am C-265
Special Needs II/Special Needs Adults Leo Gonsalves Sunday at 11:00am C-270