How Do I Become a Member of Briarlake Church?

In the most simple and direct terms, membership at Briarlake Church is a spiritual commitment to believe in and follow Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord along with a desire to walk in fellowship with the Briarlake congregation.

Trusting Jesus as Savior and Lord and professing your faith publicly through believer’s baptism is a Biblical and meaningful way to express your faith and desire to join Briarlake Church.  Click on this link to learn more about believer’s baptism.

If you are already a follower of Christ and have already been baptized by immersion as a believer, then you can join by transferring your letter of membership from another church of similar faith and practice, or by statement of your faith if no such record is available.

One of the most convenient ways to join the Briarlake Church family is to stop by the Starting Point Station after one of our Sunday worship services and express your intent to join by filling out a membership card.  Click here for more information about the Starting Point Station or click here to download the membership card.

Once we have received your completed membership card, you will be invited to one of our membership classes that are conveniently offered on an as needed basis immediately after both the Cornerstone and Backlot Worship Services in the front rows of each worship venue.  These New Member classes are offered periodically according to need and are open to anyone in attendance at church that day.  Those who have previously filled out a Membership Card will receive special notification and an invitation to the New Member’s Class in advance.  

After you attend the New Member’s Class, you will have an opportunity to turn in your membership card and discuss your interest in membership with a staff member.  It is our desire to grow as a church and to help those who sincerely wish to grow closer to Christ by offering the benefits of membership in a dynamic church family of faith like Briarlake.